Vehicle Security

Automotive security is significant when considering the price of a car today. There are new devices and techniques of securing automobiles introduced almost daily but a few basic considerations listed below will provide good security for your automobile.


Car Alarms

The car alarm has become so commonplace that it is hardly noticed anymore even with its honking the horn, beeping sirens and flashing lights. In fact some municipalities are passing ordinances to outlaw them as a nuisance. While they do have some deterrent value because of their attention getting sounds, they can be more effective if they incorporate a kill switch for the ignition system. Some systems have delayed kill switches which will stall the car in traffic attracting even more attention.


Good Practices


If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle be wary of helpful passers offering to put things into the doors to open them for you. The mechanisms in the doors of late model cars have many plastic connectors which will disengage if broken. Most late model vehicles have shielded mechanisms which only expose these plastic parts. A door with a broken mechanism is much harder to open than a correctly operating one. Probing around in the door can also activate side impact air bags if unaware of their location. The professional locksmith has instruction manuals and tools designed to open vehicles without damaging them.


Keys supplied with your vehicle have code designations which can be used to make a set of keys and should be safeguarded lest someone can make an unauthorized set. You can also use these code numbers to have a new set made by the dealer or a locksmith if you need them.


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