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Key Control Systems

        Rick's Locksmithing specializes in creating masterkey systems for large institutions and small companies alike. One of the most important part of any key system is the ability to control unauthorized key duplication.The way to do that is by providing a high security key system that makes it impossible to go to the local hardware store and get a key duplicated.We can build a key control system for you and keep track of all keys issued and who has them.

Access Control

     The wave of the future is here and getting more and more computerized every day.Access control is a keyless way to secure an area.When a key is lost it is necessary to rekey the door to resecure the area.With computerized access control rekeying is not necessary.You can shut off a lost access card or key fob in a matter of seconds.Other types of access control are: numbered keypads, handprint scan and biometrics.We can set up a system to suit your needs.

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