Survey your Security

This Home Security Survey is provided compliments of:

Rick's Locksmithing


We Suggest you print a copy and then go through the check list at your leisure.

Doors                                                           Yes/No

  1. Does the door have a 180 or 190 degree peephole?
  2. Are locks that can be opened at least 40 inches from any glass.?
  3. Are the entrance doors solid core?
  4. Do they have 1" deadbolt locks?
  5. If hinge pins are inside, are they non removable?
  6. Does door securely fit door jamb, 1/8" or less of a gap?
  7. Is the door jamb reinforced?
  8. Is the striker plate securely fastened to jamb with 2 1/2" screws?
  9. Does bolt fully extend into strike plate?
  10. Have locks been rekeyed since you moved in?
  11. Do you know who has and where all your keys are?

Windows                                                       Yes/No

  1. Have double hung windows been pinned or have key locks?
  2. Do metal windows have auxiliary locks?
  3. Can windows left open for ventilation be secured?
  4. Do basement windows have auxiliary locks?
  5. Do curtains or drapes fully cover windows?
  6. Is the window air conditioner secured from outside?

Garage                                                           Yes/No

  1. Does door close tightly?
  2. Does overhead door have a track padlock?
  3. Is padlock of high quality?
  4. Is hasp of high quality, installed with screws showing?
  5. Do you keep overhead door closed and locked when not in use?
  6. Do you remove vehicle keys when garage is locked?
  7. Can garage light be turned on from inside house?

General                                                          Yes/no

  1. Do you belong to a neighborhood watch program?
  2. Are shrubs cut below window level?
  3. Are tree limbs cut below window level?
  4. Is residence number visible from street?
  5. Is residence number visible at night?
  6. Is residence number visible from lane?
  7. Is front door well lit?
  8. Is back door well lit?
  9. Are bicycles, mowers, and ladders kept inside?
  10. Have you engraved property with driver's license number and put up stickers?
  11. Do you have smoke-fire-carbon monoxide detectors?
  12. Does you have a family escape plan?
  13. Are valuables, weapons, and important papers kept in a safe?
  14. Are your house keys on a different ring then your car keys?
  15. Are fire extinguishers available?
  16. Are outside power and fuse boxes locked?


If you answered no to any of these questions you may be at risk. Try to remedy that situation as soon as possible.


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